Operation Ragnarök:
Defending the Whales of Iceland

Thanks for getting us there...
The whales count on us to protect them.

Iceland is killing whales . . .

In October 2006, after 20 years of compliance, Iceland began to violate the International Whaling Commission's global moratorium on whaling and gave only a one-day notice before killing a whale.

Iceland has issued themselves a quota of 9 endangered fin whales and 30 piked (Minke) whales to brutally slaughter before August 31, 2007 - in addition to their bogus lethal "scientific research" program which targets another 39 piked whales.

Sea Shepherd is Going to Intervene

Sea Shepherd, the Whales' Navy, is the only organization whose mission is to uphold and enforce international conservation regulations on the high seas. We are sending our ship the Farley Mowat and a crew of volunteers to create an international incident over Iceland's refusal to comply with global protection regulations.

Operation Ragnarök

We are calling this campaign Operation Ragnarök. This is an old Nordic word that means "doom or destruction of the powers." We intend to take our intervention to the land of the Norse - straight to the coast of Iceland - for a confrontation with the outlaw Icelandic whaling operations.

We intend to create an international incident over Iceland's refusal to comply with international protection regulations.

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These criminals and outlaw operations must be stopped!

It is a long, difficult, and dangerous campaign but we have no alternative except to once again challenge Iceland, and so we must set forth on a quest to protect and defend the whales that Iceland plans to kill.

The whales are counting on us for protection . . .
We are counting on you to keep us fighting for them. 

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Sea Shepherd would like to thank Sea Life Surveys for their generosity in sharing with us the
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