The “Deepest Man On Earth” Will Serve as a Member of Sea Shepherd’s Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board

Herbert NitschSea Shepherd Conservation Society is excited to announce Herbert Nitsch, the current freediving world champion, has joined the organization’s Board of Advisors. Nitsch joins as a member of Sea Shepherd’s Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board.

Nitsch joins a board of talented athletes and dedicated ocean advocates including professional surfer and five-time Womens’ ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Tour world champion Stephanie Gilmore, world record-breaking freediver Enzo Maiorca, professional surfer Dave “Rasta” Rastovich, record-breaking diver Patrizia Maiorca, and 11 time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater.

World-renowned as “the deepest man on Earth,” Nitsch earned that title when he set the world freediving record at an astonishing depth of 214 meters (702 feet) in the 2007 ‘No Limit’ discipline, a feat he surpassed in 2012 with 253 meters (830.8 feet). Nitsch can hold his breath for more than nine minutes and has set 32 world records in all of the eight recognized disciplines – unrivaled achievements in the history of freediving. He holds an additional world record in the traditional Greek freediving discipline, Skandalopetra.

Herbert NitschRare amongst freedivers, Nitsch is self-taught, and has developed his own freediving techniques and training regimes over the years. He has introduced novel equipment, many of which has become standard equipment in freediving. Together with his international technical team, he designs and produces highly innovative gear with hydrodynamic shapes and lightweight materials. Nitsch is a pioneer in the world of freediving.

Nitsch is also an avid sailor, and brings to Sea Shepherd’s Board of Advisors a deep love of, and commitment to, the oceans. When he is not freediving, he can often be found sailing a catamaran, or designing new ways of navigating the oceans both above and below sea level.

During Nitsch’s frequent travels around the world, he has observed the alarming state of our oceans and has become determined to raise awareness. In his lectures worldwideand discussions with corporations and with the general public (including the freediving community), he educates his audiences about Sea Shepherd’s work and emphasizes the importance of conservation and the plight of dwindling ocean life as a result of overfishing and other man-made environmental stressors.

“Bottom line is that our beautiful oceans, which encompass the vast majority of our planet, are in an extremely concerning state these days, and very little is being done about it,” says Nitsch. “Organizations such as Sea Shepherd are a leading force in creating awareness among the mainstream public about the desperate state of our oceans and its marine life.” He advocates his motto “the Ocean deserves Respect” whenever he talks about Sea Shepherd’s dedicated work to defend and protect the living seas.

Sea Shepherd USA Administrative Director Susan Hartland said, “Herbert Nitsch is the perfect addition to Sea Shepherd’s Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board. Not only is he an experienced freediver, he is a fantastic Ambassador for Sea Shepherd and a dedicated advocate for the health of our oceans, to which he has spent years closely connected. Herbert fits in well with the talented team of ocean athletes who comprise our Advisory Board. We are honored to welcome him into the Sea Shepherd family.”

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Herbert Nitsch

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