World Oceans Day - Every DayWorld Oceans Day - Every Day
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Since 2008, the United Nations has recognized June 8 as World Oceans Day, presenting an opportunity for people to reflect on the many important roles that the oceans play in sustaining life on this planet.

At Sea Shepherd, we celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8 – and every day.

Every day, through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, on land and at sea, we strive to challenge and to change how people think about and act towards the ocean. Every day, we learn and teach others about the interconnectedness that exists between our life and the life in our seas. Every day, we encourage people to safeguard the oceans, by ourselves striving tirelessly to defend, conserve and protect the life within them. Every day, we celebrate the boundless wonderment, joy and inspiration that our oceans provide, just by their very existence.

This June 8, we are asking you to think about making every day World Oceans Day, just like we do. We are asking you to consider what this world might be like without the oxygen that the oceans give us to breathe, every day; to imagine what your life might be like without the precious water we get from our oceans, every day; to envisage just how we all might cope without the many fascinating creatures that call the oceans their home, every day; and to picture how this planet would function without the many intricate, complex and delicately balanced ecosystems that require the support of our oceans in order to exist, every day.

We are inviting you to look at the amazingly fierce, deep, wild, blue ocean for what it really is. Not as a resource, but as a life source that is responsible for sustaining every living thing on this beautiful blue and green planet; and then we invite you to reflect on whether this life source is worth fighting to protect, just today, or perhaps every day.

“The Ocean is the life support system for our planet. If Biodiversity is diminished, we are diminished. If the Ocean dies, we die.” — Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

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