Why Just One NYC Screening poster. Photo: Rosie McKenna-McGrathWhy Just One NYC Screening poster. Photo: Rosie McKenna-McGrathOn December 16, 2016, the New York City chapter hosted the premiere of Why Just One? Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s first full length, in-house documentary.  The sold-out event was Captain Paul Watson's his first New York appearance at a Sea Shepherd event since returning to the United States after living in France for approximately two years.

The evening began with a VIP reception for guests and supporters who enjoyed an intimate setting with Captain Watson present.  The reception was complete with a red carpet and Jolly Roger backdrop where supporters could take photos with each other and the Captain.

Why Just One? follows the 2015 Operation Jairo Turtle Defense campaign in Costa Rica, where turtle defenders from around the world gathered to do their part to save these living dinosaurs.  The campaign was named after Jairo Mora Sandoval, a Costa Rican turtle defender murdered on May 31, 2013 on Moin Beach, one of the beaches patrolled by Sea Shepherd in 2015.

The documentary explores the various threats facing turtles including environmental destruction, light pollution, and other human causes.  Scientists, turtle defenders, conservationists and Sandoval colleagues who fought to stop the poaching along with the construction of a new shipping terminal at the edge of Moin Beach, all appear in the film to discuss the impact humans are having on turtles and the importance of protecting them. 

Directed by Michael Colin, the documentary also highlights the problems with the so-called legal trading of turtle eggs from one particular beach in Costa Rica, and the need to end all legal trading of turtle eggs.  While Operation Jairo saw turtle defenders also patrolling beaches in Honduras and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Why Just One? focuses on the Costa Rican campaign.

Ethan Wolf,  Paul Watson, and Andrea Gordon at screening. Photo: Rosie McKenna-McGrathEthan Wolf, Paul Watson, and Andrea Gordon at screening. Photo: Rosie McKenna-McGrath

Following the screening, Captain Watson (also the film’s Executive Producer), NYC chapter coordinator Ethan Wolf, and Executive Producer Andrea Gordon conducted a lively question and answer session.  Wolf joined Operation Jairo in 2015 in Costa Rica, while Gordon initiated the turtle campaign and oversaw its creation.  Audience questions ranged from what are the most important steps to take while living in any urban environment, to protecting the oceans, to how to draw more attention to the plight of the oceans. You can watch the Q&A video below.

For more information or to purchase the film via ITunes, please visit www.seashepherd.org/whyjustone.

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