Join Sea Shepherd Crew for This Special Free Event Featuring Powerful Images Taken by Our Cove Guardians In Taiji

Sea Shepherd Unveils the "The Truth Behind the Tarps" banner on the Sea Shepherd RV.  Photo: Sea ShepherdSea Shepherd Unveils the "The Truth Behind the Tarps" banner on the Sea Shepherd RV.
Photo: Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will bring the powerful photo exhibition, “Taiji Dolphins: The Truth Behind the Tarps” to Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas this weekend, displaying a gallery of 25 stark and graphic images captured by Sea Shepherd’s international volunteer crew of Cove Guardians during the annual Operation Infinite Patience dolphin defense campaign.

Join us for this visually enlightening experience, in an effort to defend and conserve the oceans of the world! This is a special opportunity to see the cove through the eyes of the Cove Guardians.

Operation Infinite Patience was established in 2010, and each year since, the Cove Guardians have maintained a permanent presence during the six-month-long killing season in Taiji, Japan.

Sea Shepherd’s first Taiji Dolphin Defense Campaign took place in 2003 when our volunteer crew filmed and released to the world for the first time shocking images of what was really happening in the tiny town of Taiji: sentient, intelligent dolphins being slaughtered in droves.

At that time, our activists were involved in an incident involving the liberating of fifteen dolphins, who had been netted-off and were awaiting a brutal death. Sea Shepherd volunteers were arrested for cutting the nets and saving the dolphins’ lives. As a consequence and condition to free our crew, Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson, promised not to send Sea Shepherd volunteers to Japan with the intention of breaking the law. We honor that pledge to this day.

While our tactics have changed, our resolve has not. Many people think that the Taiji dolphin slaughter ended after the release of the Academy Award-winning 2009 film, "The Cove." Sadly, the killings and captures continue. In the 2012 – 2013 (September – March) killing season, approximately 1,486 dolphins were driven into the cove; 899 were killed and 247 were sold into captivity for display at aquariums and swim-with-dolphin experiences around the globe. Our presence in Taiji is clearly felt by the Japanese government, which deploys police and Coast Guard personnel to closely monitor our activities and obstruct our activities whenever possible. The dolphin killers now employ an elaborate system of tarps to try and hide their dirty deeds from the watchful eyes and camera lenses of our Cove Guardians, though the pools of blood that turn the cove from blue to red are not so easy to hide.

Please join Sea Shepherd staff and crew as those tarps are “lifted” this weekend at “Taiji Dolphins: The Truth Behind the Tarps.” The gallery is free and open to the public September 19-21. Meet special guests M/Y Steve Irwin Chief Engineer, Erwin Vermeulen, who was jailed in Taiji in 2011, and Scott West, former Cove Guardian leader and Sea Shepherd USA's Director of Intelligence & Investigations. We hope to see you there!

More event info can be found here.

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