The offshore crew of Operation GrindStopThe offshore crew of Operation GrindStop
Photo: Sea Shepherd
2014 Operation GrindStop Offshore Crew Update:

The offshore crew is splitting up after a week of scouting around the islands. We have our observation spots on land and slipways for the boats.

More people are arriving from France to join the team and help with 24/7 watches on our boats and vans.

Aside from a driver following us a few days ago and throwing an empty milk carton in the boat, (the same car that nearly ran down a SSCS volunteer in a parking lot one night) it has been relatively quiet for the offshore team.

On a side note, we met a Faroese man the other day who told us that people here have never talked so much about the grind as they have since Sea Shepherd crews arrived. He says the debate is dividing the Faroese and says more Faroese seem to be questioning the fundamental principles of that tradition.

The onshore crew operates one of the drones from the beachesThe onshore crew operates one of the drones from the beaches
Photo: Sea Shepherd
2014 Operation GrindStop Onshore Crew Update:

Things have quieted down over the past 24 hours, although the crew and our equipment are still experiencing some occasional, low-level, juvenile harassment.

We continue to interact positively with some of the Faroese. We are making strong connections with local Faroese in Suduroy and Sandoy.  Some progress is being made in Torshavn and Klaksvik, but these are much larger populations.

Pilot whales have been spotted a couple of times since we arrived. There has not been a grind.

The response for volunteers has been overwhelming.  We had to temporarily take down the online application while we process the applications coming in.

The police chief was interviewed on TV recently.  He stated Sea Shepherd is here lawfully and what we are doing is protected under law.  He also said the police have special forces deployed on the island to address any attempts we might have to interfere with a grind on land or sea.  He said the grind is also protected by law.

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