Two heroes: Officer Manotas meets Sea Shepherd founder, Captain Paul WatsonTwo heroes: Retired Officer Manotas meets Sea Shepherd founder,
Captain Paul Watson
Photo: Amber Chenoweth / Sea Shepherd
Sea Shepherd sees the Galapagos Islands as our line in the sand. If we are unable to protect this diverse ecosystem and UNESCO World Heritage Site, what will be able to protect? As part of our wide-ranging work to defend the Galapagos, Sea Shepherd has worked with canine officers who have been able to sniff out wildlife being illegally trafficked, as well as smuggled shark fins and sea cucumbers. These four canine officers will soon retire from service and arrive in Seattle for placement in foster and permanent homes.

In 2008, Sea Shepherd acquired six police dogs, and along with four dogs acquired by WildAid and Conservation International, they received training from the Ecuadorian police unit Grupo de Intervención y Rescate (GIR) before arriving in the Galapagos Islands for more training from the environmental police, Unidad de Protección del Medio Ambiente (UPMA). Throughout the islands of the Galapagos, these canine Sea Shepherds have helped to combat wildlife trafficking and the illegal exploitation of marine life in this vital ecosystem. They have enabled law enforcement to apprehend smugglers and confiscate illegal wildlife.

As of 2010, Sea Shepherd has been the only organization caring for the dogs, providing food and veterinary care. Manotas was the first to retire, and was honored with a ceremony in October 2013. He now has a foster home with Sea Shepherd USA Administrative Director Susan Hartland.

As the four dogs now set to retire from their time as Sea Shepherds in the Galapagos and arrive in Seattle, they will be taken in by Lady’s Hope Dog Rescue, a wonderful organization that will help to find them foster homes and forever families. It is preferable that they are fostered first, so that their potential families can get to know them – and vice versa. We hope that they will be able to stay in the Pacific Northwest or at least on the West Coast. Having worked as police dogs, they will need time to adjust to home life, but they are sweet and friendly and will be beloved members of the right families.

The dogs will arrive on May 10th, and we hope that they will have foster families waiting to love them! If you are able to foster and/or adopt one of these canine Sea Shepherds, please download the application, complete and send it to Lady’s Hope Dog Rescue at

Retired Officer Manotas at his new home in Friday Harbor, Wash., looking over the oceans he protectedRetired Officer Manotas at his new home in Friday Harbor, Wash., looking over the oceans he protected
Photo: Amber Chenoweth / Sea Shepherd

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