Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson

The aftermath of the Hvannasund slaughter that claimed the lives of 20-30 pilot whalesThe aftermath of the Hvannasund slaughter that claimed the lives of 20-30 pilot whales
Photo: Sea Shepherd
20 to 30 dolphins were viciously slaughtered this morning on the beach at Havannasund on Vidoy Island. 

The police mobilized quickly to block off a tunnel to the island and to set up a restricted zone to keep people away from the killers as the blood colored the water a deep red and the screams of dying dolphins echoed across the beach. Laughing and cheering Faroese whalers splattered themselves with hot blood in a perverse orgy of sadistic lust. 

The police closed the tunnel to the island to prevent anyone from reaching Havannasund. 

The police are aggressively assisting the dolphin killers.

The Sea Shepherd ship Brigitte Bardot was unable to reach the location in time. The dolphins had been quickly spotted and driven with stones and banger poles onto the beach where their killers waited with their knives, eager to extinguish the lives of these gentle creatures.

The Faroe Islands continue to encourage the barbarity of slaughtering dolphins with the full complicity of the government, the media, the police with new authoritarian “special” laws, and now the Danish government and the Danish Navy.

The waters run red with blood at Hvannasund following the slaughterThe waters run red with blood at Hvannasund following the slaughter
Photo: Sea Shepherd
The Faroese have decided to pull out all stops in their defense of this savage cultural obscenity. 

It appears that many people in the Faroes are so traditionally and morally bankrupt that they can only find identity in the bloody ritualized culture of sadistic slaughter, as if to proclaim to the entire world that they, the Faroese, require blood sacrifices to illustrate their complete lack of empathy and morality. It is their way of spitting in the face of common human decency by declaring their uniqueness in the only way that has any meaning for them – the deliberate and prideful infliction of suffering and death on innocent, intelligent, self-aware, socially complex and sentient beings.

With the power and force of the Kingdom of Denmark defending their little backwater vassal entity in the Islands of Sheep, the whalers are intent to cowardly continue killing, believing they have God on their side (“Gott mit us”) and knowing they have the politicians in their pockets.

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