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We’ve saved thousands of lives...

protecting the
Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.
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Now we have a new battle…

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Let’s keep the whales and
Captain Paul Watson free!

Operation Ultimate Justice
Sea Shepherd is headed back to the Southern Ocean…
this time, in the courts.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Operation Ultimate Justice

On December 1, the whalers left Japan for the Antarctic whale sanctuary to illegally kill the vulnerable whales.  Sea Shepherd is the only organization that can bring Japan to justice in the US. Learn more


Supreme Court

Litigation History

The whalers have long been condemned by nations around the world, and now the international court and the Australian courts have declared their killing illegal. Learn more


Paul Watson Defense

Paul Watson Defense

Japan seeks to silence Captain Watson’s opposition to illegal whaling and we are working hard to keep him free to continue defending the oceans. Learn more

Paul Watson

Captain Paul Watson is a world-renowned leader in environmental issues.   He has been at the forefront of conservation for over forty years and established Sea Shepherd to uphold the law, conserve nature and preserve the environment.


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Freedom isn’t free!
Join our fight for a future without whaling
Whaling By the Numbers
“If we can’t save the whales, we will fail to save the oceans and if the oceans die, then we all die, and all the great dreams of humanity will be blown away as dust in the winds of time.”
Captain Paul Watson
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